Saturday, February 27, 2016

Seoul Day 2 - Myeongdong

Haaa... after we got back from Everland, lepas rehat-rehat, mandi dan makan, we all keluar merayap kawasan sekitar. Since our hostel is located in Myeong-dong area, sightseeing at night time is not a problem. There are plenty of things to do and to see.

So malam tu... kami jalan jalan sekitar Myeong-dong. Across the street, there's Uniqlo and all kinds of cosmetic shops. Just name it - ETUDE, The Face, Skin Food, Tony Molly, Nature Republic... Berpinar-pinar mata ni. To those who loveeeee SKINCARE and cosmetics, this is the place for you.
My verdict - MUST TRY. MUST BUY.



You'll go crazy...

Socks ni... the quality is not bad. Far better than the China made yang dijual di Malaysia and it is CHEAP. worth buying.

Ini I punya :)

My verdict - MUST BUY. Everything. Hahhaa

The socks are of very good quality given the price. Krw1000 per pair in myeong-dong but if beli di night market di Dongdaemon boleh dapat 13 pasang for krw10k. BUT i found out there's another place yg jual stokin dengan jauh lebih murah - pasar dekat dengan Namdaemun! Seriously cheap- krw300 je.

Entry pasal Namdaemun in another posting.

Myeong-dong pada waktu malam. Memang happening kat sini. Dan selamat.