Friday, March 17, 2017

Books Buku Blog dan Penulis

Hari ni saya tukar header blog lagi. Blog ni dah lama left idle, memang perlukan facelift. Tapi disebabkan saya tak pandai sangat nak buat kerja kerja macam ni, plus kekangan masa, saya just tukar tajuk blog dan gambar sahaja. A simple makeover will do, I suppose.

Rasanya tajuk baru - Everything Under the Sky Except Politics - dah kena dengan purpose blog ni untuk sementara waktu. At least.

Kata otai, blog penulis mesti reflect siapa penulis tersebut and has to be and looks professional. Yup, true if you are already 'there' slike JK Rowling, Spephen King and the likes. Tapi kalau penulis yang baru macam saya ni... kadang kadang penulis ni sendiri yang hilang perspektif. So, tak tahu nak tulis apa kat blog. Bila semuanya pasal buku, kat FB pun tulis pasal buku, kat IG... again, about books, i really think that it makes everything boring.

So, I consider this place as a place to write anything that I want to write. anything that is lingering on my mind. For example, sekarang pasal bibik I yang I tengah fikir.

Disclaimer :

I just love to write it this way, a mix of English and BM; not in Bahasa Melayu Tinggi ("BMT") - sebabnya?

CEPAT! just get off words accumulating on my minds to the keyboards, easy, without having to think of the sentence structure because my brain has been programmed this way. In English. So, pardon me.

and I dont like to use some bahasa pasar with slang or shortforms that people have to crack their brain to figure out what.

Orang kata seorang penulis kena belajar dan kena menulis secara betul dengan tatabahasa yang betul walaupun di media social. Well, I beg to differ. Media social is  the only place I can break those writing rules. So, don't judge me until you see my writings.


Saturday, March 11, 2017

I have written a thriller

Assalamualaikum and hola!

I know I have not been around here for  awhile, not only because I have been super duper busy; i just didnt know what to say. Unfortunately, yes - for a writer- and I repeat, for a FICTION writer, I found it difficult to express my own feelings in public. That, perhaps the reason I write fiction because I can become someone else. That is the prerogative that only fiction writers have.

Oh... okay, to cut a long story short, I have a new news. Well, not so 'new' actually - since I have completed my very first manuscript which I started last year.

If you look below, you will see 5 men wearing somewhat special unit uniforms in action. Well, this is the story about. And there will be a lot of actions inside here- running, fighting and a little bit of romance - Don't blame the writer 'coz she thinks that a hard core action fiction is super dry so she sugarcoat the thriller with a little bit of honey.

I name these guys ALPHA TEAM- an elite squad with Umar Indera aka GHOST as the main lead. As to why he is called GHOST- you really have to read the book. When it is published, of course. And it is gonna be under a different label.

Wish me good luck. I need all of your prayers. love.