Sunday, November 1, 2015

Seoul - south korea

Annyeong hasayo! Greetings from Seoul...

Dah lama tak datang update blog... mainly because i have been super duper busy. Partly because i just dont know what to write here. Looks like i am more of a novelist than a blogger.

Apa kaitan trip ke korea dengan buku? Of course! I datang sini untuk ambil feel for my next project ie my next manuscript.

I flew from KL on airasia and reached incheon airport at 3.00 pm local time. The trip was  self arranged - we booked the flights ticket ourselves, planned our own itenary and jalan jalan sendiri- no ground tour. To visit Korea one will not need a visa. So you dont have to worry about this. Nak bawa makanan pun ok- tak strict macam auatralia or new zealand and my advice is pls bring some instant packed food just in case u cant find halal food or tak boleh telan makanan dia orang.

Thanks to my dear husband who did this by himself and brought us here.

We took the shuttle outside the airport - paid 10k krw for it i boarded the bus to the hostel at myeongdong.

Ini hostel yg kita orang stay for 6nights... total krw1.9k++

Ni katil kat tingkat atas. Mmg uniklah bilik ni... and it is spacious enough for 3 of us. Ada free wifi yg laju sgt. The owner is also nice and friendly.

Tempat lepak lepak cum waiting area, nicely decorated.

We reached here it was already night time. So there could be nothing much to do except looking for ration and checkinh around the hostel. We found a minimart which opens 24 hours - ministop is the name. 
So, till tomorrow... one last picture before i go to bed.