Thursday, October 23, 2014

Nachos and San Francisco

Last weekend my family and I had lunch at Pizza San Francisco, the Mines for the first time. I never realised it was there before - good food at affordable prices. The nachos were good and so did the other menu. The kids had fun, we will definitely come back :). 

There are some things about this restaurant that attracted my attention... the wall was written with the history that tracked us back to the old San Francisco. The Golden Bridge, painted on the very same wall reminded me of something that is very close to my heart - JATUH HATI DI PARIS, my debut novel. 

All of a sudden, I found myself travelling to San Francisco, California USA.

The Golden Gate, San Francisco

source : Wikipedia
Memandang jambatan ini, saya terkenangkan Arief yang sedang dalam dilema - Bab 1, Jatuh Hati Di Paris. And my heart wrenched with pain. And I started flipping the page of my very own novel :).

Here, for you guys... the first chapter that I am talking about.

While the Golden Bridge reminded me of Arief, the nachos mengingatkan saya dengan quesadilla yang Nadia makan (if you have read JHDP, you will know who she is). Both are yummy and of great taste. Made differently yet served the same purpose - satisfies every tastebud. 

I have been searching for the pictures that I thought I took at the restaurant. Well, it was never taken. Sorry dear. Let me just steal something from Google/Wikipedia okay :D.

Some pictures for your eyes, also taken from Wikipedia.
Nachos are small chips made from corn. Nachos are usually eaten with cheese, sour cream, jalepeno peppers and other toppings such as veggie, chicken or meat, but they can be eaten plain. Nachos feel fresh in your mouth.

Quesadilla - A quesadilla is a flour tortilla or a corn tortilla filled with a savoury mixture containing cheese, other ingredients, and/or vegetables, then folded in half to form a half-moon shape. When you eat quesadillas, you would feel the cheese melting in your mouth and your fingers.

Till we meet again!